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Download GCAM (Google Camera) 6.3 for Redmi Note 7 – Latest Version

The Redmi Note 7 is one of the best selling handsets today, this is due to its beautiful design along with its configuration. Speaking of configuration, it comes with a great 48MP camera, however, the software doesn’t do a good job and the camera application known as GCAM excels in many features, including night shots.

So if you have Redmi Note 7 at hand and want to install GCAM (Google Camera) on your device, I have great news for you, as the latest version for this model has just come out. The best feature that comes with version 6.3 is enhanced night mode, which greatly enhances the qualities of photos in dark environments.

Google Camera (GCam) Features

HDR +: Take photos using “HDR +” to capture amazing images, especially in dimly lit or backlit places.

Night vision: You’ll never want to use flash again. With Night Vision mode, the best details and colors that would be lost in the dark are highlighted.

High Resolution Zoom: This feature keeps photos sharp when you zoom in, without blurring.

Best photo: Choose the perfect time with this feature. The best shots where no one is blinking and everything is in place are recommended automatically.

Portrait: Add a blurred, elegant background (bokeh) to photos. With Google Photos, you can also highlight the subject of the photo by making it colorful on a white and black background.

Google Lens Tips: Point the camera at contact data, URLs, and barcodes, and get automatic action suggestions, such as calling the number in the image or sending an email.

Playground: Have fun mixing the real and the virtual world with RA effects and stickers.

Requirements to run Google Camera (Gcam):

The latest version of Google Camera only works on Pixel smartphones and Android 9.0.0 and later. Some features are not available on all devices.

New in this version:

Bug fixes and improvements to app launch speed and shutter response.

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